Imagine going into a seminar session where on earth the help doesn't substantiate up! Have you of all time found yourself waiting, inquisitive if the assistant would of all time show? Most of us poorness to leave the conference and try to block different one since we young lady too noticeably. You'll ne'er run into that set-up at the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). We established to craft our own games and part.

We brainstormed areas of go for which we could compose games. Some of the suggestions were: negotiations, conflict, consumer service, stress, etc. We narrowed the topics feathers two times to get to two topics: Conflict and Stress. Since in attendance were 16 family in the session, we division into two groups of viii. Then we set out to invent the games.

My category had the substance "conflict." And, actually, in attendance was much group action creating the spectator sport than in the activity itself...not really, but zip up. It was a hard assignment since we had just 20 minutes and were allowed to use single what was in the legroom to invent and frolic the winter sport.

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"I'm Right!"*


Participants will set the principal factors and weather condition of battle.

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Group Size

Two to forty, split into teams (teams of 3-6 appear to employment top)


A capricious object

Several coins

Newsprint, markers


Assemble the participants in a ellipse or around a tabular array. Place any intent in the in-between wherever every person can see it. Tell the participants that the doubt formerly them is not what it appears to be. They essential devise a new personal identity and use for the intent - anything otherwise than what it truly is. Give them 30 seconds. Ask respectively associate to enumerate his/her copy of what the object is and post this revision on paper for citation.

Explain that they have five records to sway the some other participants that their description of the goal is precise. Encourage them to dispute their orientation persuasively if needful.

While the parley is in progress, the supporter should step around and indiscriminately bestow participants a coinage. The merit of the coins, and the present they are given, should be highly strung. You can as well cart coins distant from a player if you similar.

After the v small clip period, metal a sounding.

Discussion Questions

What were more than a few of your emotions as you tested to convince others of your barb of view?

What did you have a sneaking suspicion that roughly your expertise to persuade others?

At what point did you touch most frustrated? Most successful?

What absorbing belongings did you see remaining players doing?

What thunderstruck you give or take a few how others played?

At what spike was the height of conflict supreme intense?

What factors contributed to the level of conflict?

What strategies or coping methods did players use to traffic with conflict?

What are both the happy and refusal aspects of conflict?

In what distance does this halting reflector group action in historical life?

What was the substance of bountiful coins to players?

If the coins were a metaphor, what would they symbolize in historical life?

How would you tragedy the winter sport otherwise the adjacent time?

What if players didn't receive any coins?

What is one entry you mightiness do otherwise in your effort or administrative go after playing this game?

What are the three supreme central belongings you've academic in the region of combat from this game?

Pocketfuls of Stress*

This travail is planned to relieve participants form at both the symbols of emphasis and the very stressors in their lives. The exercising ends beside a bounce that helps relatives specify their symbols of inflection and their definitions of accent. Suggested Time: 30-40 minutes.

Group Size

Five to forty, separate into teams (teams of 4-6 seem to be to career the superfine)

Materials Needed

One sight per character (at lowest possible one per squad nominal)

Several sheets of flipchart treatise per team


1. Divide participants into teams of 4-6. Arrange them circa a globular table or few another equipment where on earth they can all see all some other and the materials they will be victimisation.

2. Place the flipchart broadsheet on the tables so participants can pen or drawing evenly on the large sheets of quality newspaper. If the breathing space equipment won't allow this, confer an easel beside flipchart paper for respectively troop.

3. Ask all participant to blank their pockets and bags of their ad hominem items and plop them on the table for all to see. Note: Some participants may be irresolute to reveal both items. Be emotional to this, but instil them to dramatic work along.

4. Ask each troop to argue the sources of stress they see delineate in advanced of them. Allow more or less v transactions.

5. Begin to occupation the items (sources of load) and the prosody they symbolize on the flipchart tabloid. For example, a compartment telephone set may symbolize ever woman convenient.

6. Have the unit manifestation for commonalties among the items on the tabular array. (Alternatively, you could retrieve that voice communication for the query.)

7. Provide a short-term lecturette nearly weight and the information that it is typically meditation of as a negative entry (distress) and that nearby is in actual fact complimentary load (eustress).

8. Have the class build new constructive values for the items on the array - to re-symbolize the items.

9. Debrief the pe. Use the Discussion Questions provided as a protrusive point; however, add new questions to computer code your special wants and/or erudition objectives.)

Discussion Questions

What observations do you have on the subject of this exercise?

What happened as you began the process of looking at your items?

Did interrogative you to empty of your pockets grounds you to discern stressed?

Do you have any new idea in relation to how what you transport beside you each day impacts the rank of accent you feel? If so, what are they?

What comes to worry when you mull over of stress?

Do you of all time mull over of inflection in affirmative terms? If so, when?

Do the symbols of difficulty that you take have any conflicting significant for you now?

How can this experience be of utility to you at work?

*Note: This elbow grease was planned and at the outset vie by participants at the 2001 NASAGA Conference.

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is a mushrooming system of professionals utilizable on the design, implementation, and assessment of games and simulations to change acquisition results in all types of organizations. NASAGA believes in the utility of basic cognitive process gained done experience and feels that games and simulations, rightly planned and conducted are an exceptionally functional (and underused) implement for creating this wealthy study.

NASAGA's particular expedition is to facilitate the use of simulations and games and to coat the moral principles and procedures of interactive, mental object approaches to education, training, management, idiosyncrasy solving, and judgement making.

If you have questions astir NASAGA, in the order of membership or the conference, you can direct an email to or meeting

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