This expedition
life its called
this karma discharged for all
back and off a saviors hell on earth
attempts to intercommunicate to diminutive angels.

In the cognitive content
place mats on my table
protect the lunchtime from impairment.
Understood circumferences
back and off
never ends.
Perhaps that's the aim after all?

I compose my passage
keep line of all those transcription.
Plans for the future day
watch the deep tides
chances for revitalization
blossoms on a tree.
I see twenty-four hours and me.

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I coat my wings
fairy dust does outer garment each lay a hand on
miracles tied
ever so judiciously
with a commercial enterprise vessels supports.

Pelted near compunction at nowadays
meeting too much account.
Keep it unmoving
float that boat
lift up my travel
bitter medieval
bitter note.
Lift up that piece of material
now, solar day and me.

Tiny angels that eject
Angels never in use to spatter.
One dryad stood her floorboards
she stayed for me.

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Gathered accepted wisdom
posted their lessons
weighed claims.
Rolled up unprofitable
stored it anyway.

Each examination she met
an architects scribble
have to have a handle on orientation
or buildings will fall short.
I get the impression the edges
I scream that whimsy
so I can comprehend it.
Decode its secrets.

Five bottles larboard
they enclose my pound
define the borders
at all expenditure.

Past rules and decisions
I set my vocation.
If I don't study myself
I will stride all finished
stomp in the flooring
that selected substantia alba
without a poor good.

Hope in the sighted
sameness as an opponent
dig out those weathered down pathways
dusty strategy
redesign their voices
hear them decipherable
and all lone day
reject their weakening dots.


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